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List of Funds

Please consider celebrating a simcha or memorializing a loved one by donating to one of Congregation Kol Ami’s deserving funds described below.
During the initial Congregation Kol Ami transition period, legacy M’kor Shalom funds and legacy Temple Emanuel funds are available to support. The list of Funds will be updated as necessary.


Abraham & Sylvia Angstreich Beautification Fund* – Keeps our synagogue safe, secure, and beautiful for generations to come.

Ahavat Limud (Love of Learning) – Established by Sisterhood to support special programming and activities in the Religious School.

Amy Silvers Israel Trip Scholarship Endowment Fund* – Provides scholarships to assist congregant families in sending their children on the Confirmation class Israel trip or a similar peer trip to Israel.

Branfman Children’s Library Fund – Assists in purchasing books for the Branfman Children’s Library, and for supporting speakers for children’s programs.

Cantor Anita F. Hochman Choir Fund – Helps choir to expand their activities.

Cantorial Fund – Enhances the music and cantorial elements of services and programs.

Chasen Family Kulanu (LGBTQ+) Fund – Provides for programming, education, and support needs for our LGBTQ+ community.

Clifford R. Levine Adult Education Fund — Supports educational programming for adults.

College Connection Fund — Supports the relationship between college-age students and the synagogue through mailings, packages and programs.

Dorman-Raich Senior Fund – Enhances senior programming.

E. Soslow Endowment Fund – Supports Scholar-in-Residence programs and scholarship for a graduating senior each year.

Frisch-Trautenberg Choir Fund – Supports the choir and other musical programs

Geraldine Gabriel Resource Room Fund – Assists children with different learning styles in our Religious School.

Helen & Leon Weinberg Scholar-in-Residence Endowment Fund* – Supports the biennial Scholar-in-Residence program.

High Holy Day Prayerbook Book Plates – Dedicate volumes of our HHD prayerbook, Mishkan HaNefesh.

Honorable Steven P. Burkett Graduate Fund – Supports the ten-year free membership offered to post-confirmation graduates.

Howard & Rhonda Weinberg Outdoor Chapel Fund – Provides support for the creation and maintenance for the Weinberg Outdoor Chapel.

Janice Israel Youth Fund – Enhances educational and recreational opportunities for youth.

Jeffrey Halper Memorial Fund – Established by Carole and Art Halper in memory of their beloved son, to support building needs for children.

Jeremy Kane Gift of Israel Fund – Underwrites the costs of the Confirmation class Israel trip.

Kleiman/Gottlieb Special Needs Fund – Supports special needs education and programming.

Liheyot Fund – Supports an accessible environment within the congregation for those with disabilities.

Louis & Helene E. Walker Social Action Endowment Fund* – Directly supports the work and programs of the Social Action Committee.

Lynne Rednik Early Childhood Center Fund – Supports creative programming for our Early Childhood Center students.

Margie & Joe Sobel Family Assistance – Allows the synagogue to provide warm and caring education and programming for families that otherwise could not participate.

Merle Steinberg Religious School Scholarship Fund – Provides tuition assistance and programming for our Religious School students.

Muss and Feinerman Chesed – Enables our children to attend a Jewish camp or other youth program.

Rabbi Richard F. Address Caring Community Fund – Supports efforts to make our synagogue more compassionate and inclusive.

Rabbi David Education Fund – Enhances Religious School education from Kindergarten through Hebrew High School graduation.

Rabbi David Good Works Fund* – At the discretion of the Rabbi, funds are distributed to worthy charitable and cultural activities and to those who may need assistance.

Rabbi Frenkel Good Works Fund* – Supports worthy and charitable causes at the discretion of the Rabbi.

Rabbi Newburge Tzedakah Collective Social Action Fund – Supports worthy charitable activities within the community.

Ruth B. Wolf Archive Fund – Protecting our history for future generations.

Social Action Refugee Assistance Fund – Helps refugees and other humanitarian immigrants with direct resettlement needs.

Stanton Deitch President's Fund – Provides financial assistance for President or other members of executive committee to attend conferences or obtain leadership training.

Starlight Foundation – Helps build an endowment to support synagogue educational and cultural activities.

Tefilah Fund – Enables purchasing of enhancements to prayer services.

Warren & Doris Elias Special Needs Endowment Fund* – Supports the inclusion of individuals with special needs & their families in congregational life.

Yahrzeit Memorial Fund – Remember beloved family and friends.

Funds noted by an asterisk (*) are restricted funds – that is, contributions are used solely for the fund's stated purpose. Contributions to all other synagogue funds ensure support of specific activities, as well as general congregational needs.


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